Stop following the crowd

Stop following the crowd and be “YOU”

I quit my job. A job of 11months. A job which paid for my shopping bills, my food cravings, my parties and my savings. I could have easily continued with it and it would have kept my pockets full and my parents happy. But I gave it up.
Initially when I joined, I was happy with the work, with the kind of people I met and the fact that I was serving people who couldn’t afford expensive dental treatments. But as time passed, I spent less time on myself, less time on things I loved doing and eagerly waited for the weekends to dance it out and got back to the grind on Monday. It was monotonous. Nothing after that excited me. I was stuck to a full time job which though fulfilled all my needs but couldn’t make me happy. And then I quit.

And people asked me what was next.
After graduation, it was an unspoken rule that I take a post graduate course. But I never did. I did not want to do it. And that led the people around me question my abilities. They thought there was no future if I wouldn’t do post graduation. But that didnt force me to change my decision. And now after almost a year of clinical work, I decided to shift to non clinical.

Yes I have started working for a non clinical dental company which pays me sufficiently. But the best part is I can do what I like. I can go to the movies more often, I can attend fests, I can write more often, I can work on the project that I was planning with a few colleagues since a really long time and I couldn’t do it because of my work timings. And then I can explore. Maybe I won’t be able to buy the things I want, but I can have experiences. Last month, I took a week long vacation. Though it was for work purpose, I travelled outside Pune after a year and a half. That’s when I realised I was dying inside. I had missed going to a new place. I had missed meeting new people. I had missed sitting alone at cafes and bar. I missed the spontaneity and the unexpectancy. And now I can have it all.

Your journey is different. You have to create one. If you succumb to peer pressure and follow others, you will explode one day. So be a little less hard on yourself. Take some time out. You don’t have to torture yourself today for a better tomorrow. You don’t know if there is any tomorrow. So find yourself. Find your calling. And then don’t wait for the magic to happen, but create your magic.

– Meetali Pandit

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A lifetime bond of love

Every time I wrap my arms around you
It brings me back to the very first day
As you were the most beautiful view
Who completely took my breath away

Still to this day you still look the same
Though age has crept up on us both
And in my heart I still carry the flame
That keeps burning with loves growth

All these years you’ve been by my side
With unconditional love for each other
And forever, nothing will change inside
As it’s you and I always aging together

Even when our bodies lose all control
And we’re no longer able to carry on
Still we will remain the kindred souls
Filled with what can’t be withdrawn

Love created a bond between us two
And nothing will ever break us apart
For keeping you warm is all I shall do
As we radiate the fire within our heart

Sitting on this park bench together
I will forever remain young with you
With the reflection of one another
That has painted loves golden view

– Meetali Pandit

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Strangers at the bench

They met at the park, 5pm everyday. She got her daughter along to play with the other kids. He came there jogging, listening to music on his iPods.
That bright yellow bench amidst all the trees and away from the chaos was theirs. Astonishingly nobody ever occupied it. He told her about his hostel fights, how he didn’t get along with some of the guys there, presentations for the coming week and his on and off relationship with his girlfriend. He told her every silly thing and she listened silently. And then when it was her turn to speak, he wasn’t a bit distracted. She complained about her daughter’s nanny who was never on time, she told him how her husband had set the table for dinner last night and how they spent the night talking and kissing in between. She told him how difficult it was to handle a child and a house and yet how much she loved it. That one hour at the bench was their escape from the world.
They had met near the same bench a month back when her daughter had fallen while playing. He had helped her to calm down her daughter. And thereafter they were regulars at the bench.
They sit there everyday. Not holding hands. Not touching each other. Sometimes talking to each other, at other times watching her daughter play. Not even a hint of physical attraction for each other.
Just relishing the company of a stranger. .

-Meetali Pandit

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I’ll be there for you

“I’ll be there for you” is my New Book

My new book “I’ll be there for you”

👉What is this book about?⁣⁣
This book is really special not me purposely but for every writer in this book who penned down their deepest emotions dedicating a friend/friends they have in their life.

👉 How to get this book?
This book is available on Amazon (in Paperback & eBook format), Flipkart, Google Play Books, Rakuten Kobo, iBooks, Scribd, Vivlio, Tolino, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive (in eBook format)

Let 2022 be the year where you be there for your friend in need.

-Meetali Pandit

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It’s Christmas holiday🎄🎅

It’s Christmas – Merry Christmas
It’s Christmas holiday..
Let’s celebrate this Christmas
In a very special way..

It’s Christmas – Merry Christmas
It’s Christmas holiday..
Let’s lay the foundation of love and peace..
Let’s lay, let’s lay..

It’s Christmas – Merry Christmas
It’s Christmas holiday..
Let’s pray to God for his blessings
Let’s pray, let’s pray..

It’s Christmas – Merry Christmas
It’s Christmas holiday..
Let the horizon get lighted
And the bay, the endless bay..

It’s Christmas – Merry Christmas
It’s Christmas holiday..
It’s a great day for enjoyment and fun
A great day, a great day..

-Meetali Pandit

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You are a bad guy

Everyone keeps telling me you’re
the bad guy
But I don’t know why I can’t
see your bad side as
though I am blinded to see
only your good side

Everyone sees your non caring
side in whatever you do for me
while I only see love in your eyes. Everyone says you are toxic
for my health but I can’t
sense that toxicity when I
am with you.

Everyone is able to see the
true reason why you tell me
not to do certain things
But I guess your love has
blinded me to not see the
real reason behind you telling
me not to do those things.

Everyone is able to see your
real side right in front of their
eyes. But even after spending
the full day with you,
I am still not able to see
your real side and is only
presented by your fake side:
the non caring side,the side
where you only want to harm
me and not actually love me
and care for me. The side
which you call being
possessiveness is actually
the side you show because
you are afraid I might run
away from you.

But enough is enough.……..

I have been blinded in your love
for a long time now but now I
can clearly see the reality
right in front of my eyes.

You are not what I thought you
to be, you are toxic to
my soul,the one who
instead ofmaking my
future better is making plans
to harm my future.
But I won’t let you

I am glad that I listened to
the people for they told
me the truth that you are
the bad guy not fit for this

-Meetali Pandit

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Once we experience this…

All of us fall in love and when that happens, we just have one wish to spend each and every moment of the rest of our lives with only that one person. We start feeling as though butterflies are roaming in our stomachs whenever we think about them. That person is our go-to person and our life becomes theirs too.

However, destiny sometimes has something else in store for us. The person who we love may, may not reciprocate those feelings back. It is then that you want to scream your lungs out for waiting on someone who was already with someone else. You are terribly sad but you try to act like you are happy for when you are in love nothing else matters except their happiness. Even though you are broken deep inside yet each broken piece of your heart loves and craves only for that person’s presence. You see them in a club dancing with the love of their life and the flashback of the old good days hits you and while you wanna cry it out all you can do is put a smile on your face and hide your tears in front of them.

The world may call love a blissful feeling but it is indeed a painfully beautiful feeling which everyone should experience in their lives just to know why you shouldn’t fall in love in today’s times.

– Meetali Pandit

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You are the one

This was the second relationship I had been on
First I was bit hesitant considering the past relationship I had been into.
But after meeting you I realised that things were now going to be different.
My life had completely changed from the depressing one to a happy one.
Instead of thinking about suicide I had begun looking forward to our random meet ups, calls and video calls.
Instead of having tears roll down my cheeks, I had a smile on my face with wrinkles being seen at the sides.
My day began with thinking about you and ended while talking to you over video calls.
Whatever I did throughout the day, you always seemed to be in my mind, there was not a single moment when I didn’t have thoughts about what you must be doing at that particular time.
I no longer thought about “me” ;it was now always “us”.
I was so madly in love with you!
Yes, I know, i was hesitant in committing to you but now its only you that I want in this life and if there is a forever after life.
You! Only you!

-Meetali Pandit

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In a world hiding behind masks
have emotions left us completely

It’s like we don’t have control over them
Unaware of the feeling to smile or cry
Unsure whether it’s anger surging within
Or are they the cries of painful agony
Do separation and heartbreaks dictate us now
Or does happiness have the possibility for a democratic representation
Is it a strange amalgamation between trauma and anxiety
Or a clear cut division among the races of fear, shock, and surprise
Does our mind listen to our desires and passions anymore
Or is it only physical stimuli that are responsible for its working
Does the breath I take in the sole facilitator behind my synapses
Or does the smell of what I took in still hold some value
I write about all my life on paper
I write about all yours too
I ink down my thoughts and it comes out as scribbles
It doesn’t make sense anymore
The world has stopped listening to me now
I have become a puppet of unknown hands
Begging for a time of liberation
For I am trapped in a show of grandeur
And people are paying to see me perform
As I play my role immaculately
In the theater of life

-Meetali Pandit

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In a world pretending to be transparent
There is a vault hidden inside everybody

A vault that carries your deepest secrets
And a list of your darkest desires
Regrets from unfulfilled dreams
Pain from traumatized childhoods
And uncontrolled teenage rebellions
From scars of bullying and shame
To marks of unexpected adolescence
Of all the bad things we don’t wish to talk about
And also of all the confidential good
Walking in the rains with your parents
Crumbs of coconut cookies on Christmas Eve
Bright colors of Rangoli on Diwali
Letters that you wrote for your special one
Your scent lingering on my shirts
And your fingers playing with my hair
The happiness of an unbound nature
Miracles at work on a gloomy night
Shooting stars pleasing your eyes
Glittering silver adorning your wrists
And dreams that are preserved for life

A vault void of codes and combinations
Crafted in the furnace of sacrifice
Solidified by hammering principles
Unlocked only by the key of love

-Meetali Pandit

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