You are the one

Charlie Heaton And Natalia Dyer From Stranger Things Are Couple Goals - Kiss

This was the second relationship I had been on
First I was bit hesitant considering the past relationship I had been into.
But after meeting you I realised that things were now going to be different.
My life had completely changed from the depressing one to a happy one.
Instead of thinking about suicide I had begun looking forward to our random meet ups, calls and video calls.
Instead of having tears roll down my cheeks, I had a smile on my face with wrinkles being seen at the sides.
My day began with thinking about you and ended while talking to you over video calls.
Whatever I did throughout the day, you always seemed to be in my mind, there was not a single moment when I didn’t have thoughts about what you must be doing at that particular time.
I no longer thought about “me” ;it was now always “us”.
I was so madly in love with you!
Yes, I know, i was hesitant in committing to you but now its only you that I want in this life and if there is a forever after life.
You! Only you!

-Meetali Pandit

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In a world hiding behind masks
have emotions left us completely

It’s like we don’t have control over them
Unaware of the feeling to smile or cry
Unsure whether it’s anger surging within
Or are they the cries of painful agony
Do separation and heartbreaks dictate us now
Or does happiness have the possibility for a democratic representation
Is it a strange amalgamation between trauma and anxiety
Or a clear cut division among the races of fear, shock, and surprise
Does our mind listen to our desires and passions anymore
Or is it only physical stimuli that are responsible for its working
Does the breath I take in the sole facilitator behind my synapses
Or does the smell of what I took in still hold some value
I write about all my life on paper
I write about all yours too
I ink down my thoughts and it comes out as scribbles
It doesn’t make sense anymore
The world has stopped listening to me now
I have become a puppet of unknown hands
Begging for a time of liberation
For I am trapped in a show of grandeur
And people are paying to see me perform
As I play my role immaculately
In the theater of life

-Meetali Pandit

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In a world pretending to be transparent
There is a vault hidden inside everybody

A vault that carries your deepest secrets
And a list of your darkest desires
Regrets from unfulfilled dreams
Pain from traumatized childhoods
And uncontrolled teenage rebellions
From scars of bullying and shame
To marks of unexpected adolescence
Of all the bad things we don’t wish to talk about
And also of all the confidential good
Walking in the rains with your parents
Crumbs of coconut cookies on Christmas Eve
Bright colors of Rangoli on Diwali
Letters that you wrote for your special one
Your scent lingering on my shirts
And your fingers playing with my hair
The happiness of an unbound nature
Miracles at work on a gloomy night
Shooting stars pleasing your eyes
Glittering silver adorning your wrists
And dreams that are preserved for life

A vault void of codes and combinations
Crafted in the furnace of sacrifice
Solidified by hammering principles
Unlocked only by the key of love

-Meetali Pandit

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In a world drenched in nectars of love
I plan to quench myself in harsh vials

Engulfing the corners of my tongue
Flowing like a stream through the pipes of my throat sip by sip as it goes on to captivate my veins in its control

Until it heats my frozen cold heart and thaws away the pain of all the traumas that have occurred and the sufferings I have gone through

Disorienting my senses and hitting my irises from the inside causing me to see refractive prisms and kaleidoscopic colors

My ears bursting out with infrasonic decibels as all music reduces to mere frequencies and words turn into distorts

Mixing with the acids of my stomach, corrupting my gut with a lust for cash, erasing my desire of tasting blood one more time

Keeping me away from my nervous system, pushing me away from my surge of righteous violence and mayhem

Dominating each part of my body slowly as it goes on to sit on the throne that controls me, as what started as a passion transforms into my destruction

-Meetali Pandit

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In a world where we are parted by distance
I wait all day to receive your message

To know all that’s going on in your life
To tell you what new happened in mine
To express how much I miss holding your hands
To express how I wish to hug you again
To listen to your rants about distasteful incidents around you
To complain about all the unexpected things around mine
To mentor you about things that you deliberately ignore
To get reminded about making my to-do-list for the next day
To make you count the days left for us to meet
To be scolded about being paranoid about the distance
To connect with you through the sound of our heartbeats
To listen to your breath get synchronized with mine
To profess to you how much I have fallen in love with you
To be assured that it’s gonna stay forever

I know the exact time the message will come, and yet I wait for it all-day
Like the night waits for the new moon to start waning again
Like the river waits to become one with the ocean
Like a partner waits for a letter
I wait for your notification

-Meetali Pandit

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In a world advocating peaceful sleep
I awaken myself with a smooth nectar

A bitter fluid that runs through the course of my throat and sharpens my voice box

Heating the mucus linings of my intestines and burning pieces of unwanted sucrose

It makes the valves in my heart run like pistons and pumps boiling blood to every inch of my nerves

It affects my pupils, dilating, disorienting, getting out of focus, and then back to the peripheral upfront

My lips play with my tongue sweeping the vanilla froth residue left behind by the fluid

My fingertips creating a lightning-fast reflex for a tenth of a second as the liquid starts to settle inside me

Its trapped temperature makes my ears feel an unusual warmth amid a cold wind

My feet tapping to the sound of music and my body feeling like a thunderbolt guilty of the caffeine

As I leave behind the bed, get hold of the cup, drink my first sip, and say, “Let’s Begin”

-Meetali Pandit

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Alarm clock

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In a world of beautifully crafted things
some pester our peace

An irritating howling noise of a broken wind disturbing your tranquil as you sit upon the peak enjoying the views of the city below

Someone continuously knocking on a shut door forcing you to get up from your couch at the exact moment you fit in your comfort zone

The crunching cracking of potato chips coming from the corner bench amid a free lecture while you enjoy your nap

The disgusting smell of fallen wet leaves on mud-filled puddles breaking the magical spell of petrichor in our minds

An impulsive adrenaline rush waking you up as you commit yourself to a freefall inside an uncontrollable subconscious dream

A prickling thorn attacking your palms as you gently caress your fingers on the soft velvety petals of naturally crimson roses

The untimely barking of street dogs targeting you to accidentally spill your entire coffee on yourself as you sit to work

The sudden breaking of your eyelids to wake you up from your sweet slumber throwing away your blanket at the loud noise of your alarm clock.

-Meetali Pandit

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Rubik’s cube

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In a world where restrictions are rulers
the heart yearns for its piece of freedom

Like an unbound stream carving its way through hard rocks by continuously hitting them

Like strokes of paint going beyond the given outlines and shapes, creating a masterpiece of its own

Like midnight written lyrics playing out of harmony with drunken chords of a guitar giving birth to an unheard jingle

Like drops of ink spreading over thick bagasse sheets creating cursive illusions under the name of poetry

Like chocolate sauce pouring over vanilla ice cream and accidentally mixing with brownies to give the world a new dessert

Like a lion roaming free in the Savanna, oblivious to the concrete progress of the material world

Like a thunderstorm brooding over the harsh currents of the Pacific creating pathways for migrating organisms

Like a comet that arrives in an eon bringing in all kinds of superstitions and all kinds of curiosities

Like a boon hidden in the name of a curse freeing humanity from its self-created hell, finally revealing the truth of it all

My heart is a puzzle
A multicolored painting enveloped in mathematical complexities
Solvable yet unsolved
Like a Rubik’s cube

-Meetali Pandit

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In a world changing through the seasons
let’s witness them together as a whole

As autumn leaves fall on the ground
setting up the streets with faded hues
I put my arm around your waist
And pull you towards me
You tangle a scarf around your neck
And take my hand in your palms
You snuggle closer to my side
And the winds don’t feel cold anymore

When snowflakes adorn the pines
And our doorway is covered in sheets of ice
We hold each other in a warm blanket
And tell stories on the wooden porch
I make hot chocolate for us to relish
While your repair and service the heater
You switch it on with a flicker
And we lie down next to it, on the rug

When flowers of spring start to bloom
And the sun starts to look prettier
We fold away our sweaters and shawls
And open the door for the warm breeze
You trim and water our dearest plants
As I cook my signature chicken appetizers
I present it to you like a MasterChef recipe
And you take the bigger pieces for yourself

When warm transforms to scorching
And clouds don’t seem to exist anymore
I roam around the house shirtless
And you tickle me as I watch TV
I fill up ice trays and bottles in the fridge
As you play tennis with the girls of our neighborhood
I pour out glasses of chilled coffee for all of you
And you use my t-shirt to wipe the sweat off your face

When the first drops start to fall
And the skies get covered in grey shades
I try to find shelter under the tea shop around the corner
And hastily shove my wallet and money in a plastic bag
You know my consistency about the rains and give me a call
I receive it in a jiffy and listen to you rant about my carelessness
You arrive to pick me up again and taunt me at my clumsy behavior
And still, you don’t understand that the reason I forget my umbrella
Is so that I could share yours.

-Meetali Pandit

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Movie Reel

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In a world of straightforward terms
There are so many emotions left unsaid

Thoughts that have reached the tip of our tongues but lack the courage to come out as words

Pieces of dreams and ambitions that would stay broken because we never talked about them

That first confession of an honest mistake we never claimed to avoid an unknown punishment

The decimal places in our grades we hid just to be away from being compared to the neighbor’s kids

That one race we never took part in because we doubted our athletic ability based on others motor skills

That arts college form we never filled because this so-called society would shame our parents for that choice

The accident we never told our dads about because we knew before the cool approach, a thrashing would take place

That one favorite dish we gave up because it’s either too unhealthy or too low-class according to Instagram influencers

That one passion we have lost touch with because we all fell into the dirty trap of a commercial rat race

The curiosity we lost because we all grew up and learned whatever we had to instead of what we wanted to

The innocence we no longer feel because we have surrendered ourselves to struggles, forgetting the possibility of joy

The friends we haven’t seen in many days because money has become our top priority these days

The family we only meet at festivals and get-togethers but not know anything about

The love that we never proposed to, but their memories remain fresh in our mind, safeguarded in our heart as a movie reel.

-Meetali Pandit

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